DJ Sako:

With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Sako has been one of the most successful DJ’s in Southern California. With a unique style and emceeing skills, he has transformed being a DJ into an art form. Understanding that event is peerless, Sako strives to make sure his clients are satisfied with each aspect of the night. After thousands of events and countless memories, his love and passion for music are the reasons that have made him the most sought after DJ and Emcee.

DJ Chris K:

Formerly known as DJ Midnight, Chris began DJing in 2001. Being one of the first Armenian DJs in the community, DJ Chris K elevated DJing with his impeccable style and superb sense for sound, for unraveling effects. Music is the most important factor of the parties. When the music is spectacular, then everyone will have an exceptional time. With the experience gained throughout the years; honesty, integrity, reliability and passion are what make up Chris.

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